Industrial strength knowledge for the creative mind

No other form of home instruction can match the interactive DVD experience. In contrast to more traditional methods, where the student first learns through instruction and then tries to apply the lesson in practice, ACME interactive DVDs seamlessly combine theory and practice. When learning and doing are simultaneous, the troublesome wall between theory and practice disappears; you learn by doing.

What’s more, you learn at your own pace – free to review challenging lessons as often as you wish or to gloss over sections you have already mastered.

Play the lessons on your computer a DVD player connected to your TV. Or combine the two by watching on your TV while using your computer. In each case, you are free to pause and switch to Photoshop whenever you choose. You can also download the included high resolution Quicktime video to your PC and run the lesson from there. Thanks to all of this flexibility, you are certain to find the learning style and method that unlocks the best in you.

Each lesson includes points of views of the Photoshop screen as well as John Paul, Mack, Lee and Vincent. Displayed in real time, with the ability to seamlessly switch from one point of view to another, every lesson is like a private tutoring session.