Unleashing the Raw Power of Capture NX.

Using the critically acclaimed “Why to of How” approach pioneered in the Welcome To Oz: Following the RGB Road series, Vincent takes a look under the hood of Capure NX.  This multi-DVD tutorial goes for the basics of how Capture NX is set up and works through advanced workflows of several of his most iconic images.  In each lesson, Vincent will take you through how he created, or recreated in Capture NX, each image.  In every lesson the viewer will be using the actual raw file that came off the camera, not a low resolution JPEG or TIFF.  This multi-DVD set is designed to get you up to speed with an understanding of both why and how to use the most powerful RAW processor on the market today.

This series was shot at 720p High Definition Resolution along with a computer screen capture set to record at computer resolution, so not only will you be able to see how Vincent actually works on his Cintq® interactive pen display, but also watch the tutorials on your television and play the lessons back on your computer at computer resolution as well.

DVD 1:
Pixel Boot camp: The Basics of Capture NX

This DVD introduces you to the power of Capture NX. The main sections on this DVD are:

  1. Basic Overview of the User Interface
  2. Navigating with the Browser
  3. Working with the Camera Settings and IPTC Palettes
  4. Using the Base Adjustments Step of the Edit List
  5. Straightening an Image
  6. Using Black, White, and Neutral Control Points in an Image
  7. Learning How to Use Color Control Points
  8. Using the Selection Tools to Selectively Enhance an Image
  9. Using the Opacity Mixer
  10. Taking Advantage of Versions
  11. Mastering Color Management within Capture NX
  12. Batch Processing Images

DVD 2:
From Here to There in Less than an Eternity; Advanced Image Editing Workflows

  1. While working through a number of images with Vincent, you will learn how to:
  2. Adjust Camera Settings
  3. Set Contrast and Reduce Color Casts
  4. Selectively Enhance Images
  5. Critically Review Your Images Prior to Enhancing Them
  6. Master Color Control Points Powered by U Point™ Technology
  7. Optimize for a file from a camera modified for Infra red
  8. TIFF workflow.

DVD 3: Computer playback resolution from Pixel Boot Camp to Advanced Workflow.

See what Vincent saw while working on his images at full computer resolution for all chapters of both DVDs.


Per DVD set:  $54.95*

*shipping and handling additional
Approximate running time:  60 minutes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Nik Color Efex Pro 2 was not yet available for sale during the production and initial release of this DVD set and the descriptions, screen captures and demonstrations may not reflect the final shipping product. Pricing and upgrade policies are set by local Nikon regional offices and distributors.

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