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You can order a signed copy of Welcome to Oz 2.0, with a signed and numbered 11×14 print of the new image featured in Chapter 4 for $275.00

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Vincen A. Versace

Vincent Versace


Order signed copy of Welcome to Oz 2.0

Vincent Versace’s New Book:

Welcome to Oz 2.0: A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with CS5

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

You first have to practice at practicing.

-Vince Lombardi

The first edition of Welcome to OZ was selected as the best “How to Book” of the year by Shutterbug magazine. This new edition of Welcome to Oz is not a revision, it is a from the ground online pharmacy up complete rewrite.

The approach I took with the rewrite of the first three chapters of this book was to look at how I would approach working the images as if I were working them today, for the first time.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

In these three chapters I explore not only the growth in what the technology can now do, but my growth as an artist with what I can now create with the technology. Included with this book are PDF’s of the original chapters so you can compare the journey and growth of technique.

In the fourth chapter I chose to look at a new image captured with a 24.5 megapixel camera and explore what is now needed to be in a 16bit large megapixel workflow..

Welcome to Oz 2.0 is 100 pages longer. It explores the science of focus and the art of blur, or Bokeh, as well as dedicating two chapters in which we explore the concept of ExDR, or the extension of all aspects of an images “dynamic” range. These chapters look at specifically how to, but more importantly, why to extend the range of focus, blur, image structure, sharpness, color as well as simply extending the dynamic range of exposure.

Welcome to Oz 2.0 also comes with three free plug-ins from Niksoftware (Tonal Contrast, Contrast only and Skylight) and a fully licensed version of the FocalPoint 2.0 plug-in from onOne Software. This is over $230.00 worth of software. Also included with this edition of the Oz book are my Wacom tablet presets, and radial dial presets, created with the help of Wacom, for both left and right handedness and from Windows 7 and Mac OS X. These presets are for both versions of the 21″ Cintiq, Intous3 and Intous4 tablets. Lastly the book also comes with two very useful actions. The gallery has been made into a Screensaver that has over 80 images and 24 quotes from the book.

This book also comes with full resolution source files as well as 100ppi versions of the actual files that were created while writing each of the chapters, so you can actually “see” what it looks like on the calibrated monitor on your computer.

This book represents my current state of the art as an artist and photographer.

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