Lesson 1: The Tao of Dynamic Workflow

Vincent Versace’s Welcome to Oz: Following the RGB Road Series

Announcing an all new interactive six DVD training series designed to give you the knowledge to take your creative expression to a whole new level! The lessons are geared for the person who wants to be in a beginner’s mind. They are at once both advanced and straightforward. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced Photoshop user, you will find the lessons will accelerate your knowledge to match the quality of your vision. These lessons have taken me personally years to discover and develop. They are shared here for you to learn, integrate the knowledge and stimulate your creative process.

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Lesson 1: The Tao of Dynamic Workflow

Shibumi: Traveling a Circle in a Straight Line

This lesson teaches that workflow is not static, but dynamic. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but rather perfect practice makes perfect. Learn how to engage in a perfect practice. Learn how to analyze an image through the use of image maps and how to light in Photoshop.


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