Lesson 5: Lighting On a Laptop

Lesson 5: Lighting On a Laptop

Classic Studio Lighting: How to Light in the Computer

The objective of this lesson is to believably replicate classic glamour lighting as well as replicate the quality of the light this approach produces using Photoshop. You will take a naturally lit subject & transform the image to replicate the lighting style of Hurrell, whose class Hollywood glamour photographs of the 1930s and ’40s are iconic; his dramatic use of light was second to none. Starting with the initial image capture and lighting considerations, learn this Photoshop lighting approach using techniques to make choices that emulate reality. Apply them not only to glamour photography, but also to animal, wildlife, plant and other environmental portraits.


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Oz to Kansas 2.0: The Black and White on Black and White Conversions

“Oz to Kansas 2.0: The Black and White on Black and White Conversions” is the evolution of thought that began with “Welcome to Oz : From Oz to Kansas. How to convert an Image to Black and White Without Ever Leaving the RGB Color Space.” This Oz to Kansas 2.0 tutorial takes a practical applications approach to when, why and how to convert an image. In it, you will learn which methods give you the best results and when to choose a simple or a complex solution.