The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect : Raising the Dead Pixel , Pixels in the Mist and In Blur to Focus
Lazarus Effect 3 disk graphicThis four DVD tutorial is for anyone who has ever taken an image in which the focus was a wee bit “off”. Maybe you tried to photograph a waterfall and, regardless of your exposure and how carefully you set up your tripod and camera, the focus was a little too soft, or perhaps you have images that you know were in focus when you shot it them, but because of the type of sensor or the way the RAW file was processed, the sharpness you knew the lens could deliver is missing in the images on the screen.

Vincent Versace's Images

This DVD not only teaches you how to bring detail back from both landscape (Pixels in the Mist) and portrait images (From Blur to In Focus), it also presents a new way of thinking about your images as well as a new approach to seeing and creating. If that’s what you would like to learn in about an hour, then this is the tutorial DVD for which you have been looking.

Vincent Versace's ImagesIncluded also are three free plug-ins from NiK software (Contrast only, Skylight, and Tonal Contrast ) as well as a set of actions for both CS3 and CS4 . In addition, if you have CS4, you will also get a Configurator Panel. This tutorial DVD will show you a “how to” approach to the Lazarus Effect using both third party software, as well as a Photoshop only approach using the free plug-ins.