Color Management in Six Simple Steps

If you are beginning, intermediate or advanced, there will be surely an “aha!” by the end of this DVD as the entire color management process unfolds and as your understanding builds. In this innovative presentation of color management, expand your understanding of color at the point of capture, as it is transformed in Photoshop and then printed. As photographers and artists, our cameras, monitors, Photoshop, printers, papers, and environment, all are parts of a complex process. That process has been distilled and streamlined into simple steps that will help you control color and get the very best results possible. Learn a practical six step workflow; a cumulative progression so that your color is consistent and precise. Learn to see your images from a new color perspective and learn the practical strategies necessary to control the desired result. The content and visual aides culminate in a jam packed conclusion that will take your learning to another level.

Topics Include:

  • Converting to Editing Space
  • Calibrating & Characterizing Your Monitor
  • Photoshop Color Settings
  • Softproofing
  • Navigating Your Printer Driver
  • Controlling Your Environment

And much more!


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