Photoshop Color Tools

Photoshop Color Tools

Learn how to use the color adjustment tools in Adobe Photoshop CS4 to achieve unprecedented control of your images.

Find out which tools are the go to tools (the ones you’ll use everyday), which are exotic (the ones for exceptional images), and which are redundant and/or too limited (the ones you can forget about).

Make every adjustment tool more precisely target specific components of color (hue, saturation, and luminosity) using blend modes and easy to use selections / masks that allow you to target specific hues or luminosity values.


  • hsl
  • color management – 6 simple steps
  • monitor histograms
  • editing strategy
  • color tool survey
  • blend modes
  • raw conversion
  • shadows / highlights
  • channel blending
  • levels- b&w points
  • curves
  • high pass contrast
  • selective color
  • saturation & vibrance
  • photofilter & overlays
  • match color
  • b & w adjustment layer
  • select by color range

And much more!

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Posted by Vincent Versace