R/Evolution: Black & White Mastery

Black & White Mastery

Black & White Mastery will unlock the amazing power of digital color for you and your images.

You’ll discover what’s unique about black and white images, identifying a number of unique black and white palettes that will give you a wide range of options for crafting a black and white style that’s best for you and your images.

You’ll learn how to convert color to black and white with ultimate precision and flexibility. You’ll know which methods give you the best result and when to choose a simple or a complex solution. You’ll find out how to adjust the resulting tonal relationships with unprecedented precision. You’ll understand how to adjust your images selectively to further enhance your images. You be able to add color back into your black and white images (subtly or dramatically, uniformly or selectively) to add unique expressive dimensions.

In addition to processing Raw digital files, you’ll also learn how to scan analog originals (film and print). Finally, you’ll learn easy ways to make prints of your black and white digital files either with the latest inkjet technologies or by making digital contact negatives for printing with historic processes.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to see and think about black and white images in new ways which will open up a vast world of visual possibilities for you. Put this new perspective to work for you and your images today.


  • b&w is unique
  • how gray is gray
  • b&w expanding definition
  • unlimited palette
  • b&w signature style
  • b&w seeing in
  • color is b&w – trichromatic separation
  • b&w strategic overview
  • b&w scanning
  • b&w prep for conversion
  • b&w many ways
  • raw
  • b&w adjustment layer
  • dual adjustment layer
  • triple adjustment layer
  • channels as layers
  • simulated infrared
  • b&w global contrast
  • b&w local contrast
  • b&w adding color – multi-tone
  • b&w adding color – curves and overlays
  • b&w adding color – restoring original color
  • b&w adding color – handcoloring
  • b&w inkjet printing – 2 ways
  • b&w film

And much more!

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