The Art of Proofing

The Art of Proofing

If Color Management takes you 90% of the way to improving your prints, then Proofing will give you that extra 10%. It’s the last 10% that separates the good prints from the great prints. With the advent of the digital darkroom, some think proofing is a lost art. In this DVD, we explore how Proofing is in fact an evolving art, based on the differences between looking at images on monitors and on substrates such as paper, metal, wood, bark, etc. Learn the cumulative process in which subtle corrections are made while reviewing a print on a specific substrate, so you can create a significantly improved final master print. Learn what to look for and what actions to take including how to create test files, how to evaluate different substrates, bracket proofing, full scale proofing, proofing for changes in scale, customizing ink limit, and adjusting for over inking. As a result, you will learn not only how to work with greater precision, but also how to save time, materials, and money. As a bonus, you will be able to download free resources such as test files and the Proof Template.

Topics include:

  • Evaluating Substrates
  • Using Test Files
  • Creating a BAT
  • Proofing at Reduced Scale
  • Proofing at Full Scale
  • Bracket Proofing
  • Customizing Ink Limit

And much more!


Get free PDFs and Test Files here.