Fine Art Digital Printing

Make your digital prints the very best quality possible. Achieve this by learning all the components and aspects of a printing system: substrate, ink, printer, driver/RIP, profile, ink limit, print speed, viewing light, environment, and presentation. Learn what each component contributes to print quality and how they all work together to ensure your prints are as good as they can get.

Learn how to think about printing and the print itself. Understanding how digital printing has evolved will help you navigate the field as digital printing continues to evolve. All the aspects that we identify contribute to print quality and if you monitor the developments within the field, you will be able to understand how to achieve the very best print quality, when to upgrade and what to look for in the fine digital print. Use this information to make better informed choices with the tools you use and how you use them to advance your vision and get the very finest prints.

Topics covered include…

•The Print What prints do like nothing else
•R/Evolution Digital printing offers many paradigm shifts
•Scale Size matters
•Longevity How to ensure your prints last
•Make A Print What you need to do step-by-step
•Total Solution Identifying all the contributing components
•Color Management & Proofing Get the best results constistently
•Navigating the Printer Driver Using printer software correctly
•Substrates The materials on which you print
•Ink What you put on a substrate
•Ink Limit How much you put on
•Separation/RIPs Understanding CMYK
•Resolution What’s ideal and how much you need
•Output Sharpening Compensating for dot gain
•Bronzing, Metamerism, Gloss Differential 3 things to watch for
Outgassing Drying time
•Protective Coatings Sprays and varnishes
•Outputting to Film Make new film for historic processes
•How to Choose a Printer Choose the right features for you
•Solving Common Challenges Simple solutions to common problems

And much more!

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