Fine Art Digital Workflow

Fine Art Digital Workflow
with John Paul Caponigro and Mac Holbert.

When it come to fine art printing R. Mac Holbert along with Graham Nash started it all.If it was not for them fine art inkjet printing would not be what is today. Simply put Nash Editions is THE name in fine art printing and R. Mac Holbert is the talent behind that name.

And John Paul Caponigro? John Paul’s name is synonymous with fine art photography and the finest fine art prints possible.

Put these two talents together in one room sharing the combined wealth of there knowledge is a level of unimaginable creative amperage. The only thing better to being there is is to watch that meeting of minds recorded on a DVD.

Make sure you get the best quality from your files, every time with an optimal workflow.
A Fine Art Workflow is different than a high productivity workflow. You should be able to choose either one.

A Fine Art Workflow is precise. Process your files for optimum results.

A Fine Art Workflow is fast. Standardization can lead to higher quality.

A Fine Art Workflow is flexible. Know why and when to make exceptions.

A Fine Art Workflow is modifiable / non-destructive. When your vision evolves your files should be able to evolve with you – easily.

Learn all the ins and outs of a Fine Art Workflow in this content packed DVD.

Topics covered include…

  • The PrintWhat’s Workflow
    A logical sequence of steps in production process
  • So Different, So Much in Common
    Who we are
  • Why the Print Is Still So Important
    It’s what we make and use
  • A Sense of Destination
    Look before you leap
  • File Structures
    What a great file looks like
  • Preflight Checklist
    Check your tools
  • Frame A Destination
    Identify possibilities and make choices
  • Non-Destructive Crop
    Would you cut film with a pair of scissors ?
  • Minor Clean Up
    Out spot! Out!
  • Foundational Issues
    A great base makes future greatness possible
  • Major Retouching
    Removing distractions
  • Global Color Adjustment
    The big picture
  • Regional and Local Adjustment
    Important details
  • Creative Sharpening & Blurring
    Customizing contour and texture
  • Resampling
    Making files smaller or bigger
  • Output Sharpening
    Compensating for dot gain
  • Softproofing & Proofing
    Proof before you print
  • Output
    Print it
  • Materials Matter
    Why what you make prints with matters so much

And much more!

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