XDR Extending Dynamic Range – HDR

Always the detail you want in the shadows and highlights. Extend the dynamic range in all of your images. Unlike yesterday, with today’s technology, you only need to make sacrifices if you want to. Many people think that HDR and merging images are synonymous when in fact it is one technique amid a range of possible options. It’s not only what we do at capture but what we do after. This array of choices for extending the dynamic range spans the gamut from simple to complex. By learning a variety of techniques and understanding how they work, it will make it easier for you to choose the technique that is most appropriate.

The results can be dramatic. When using these techniques, you will be challenged to see in new ways. Difficult shooting conditions will become easier for you. Many more image-making opportunities will become available to you.

Learn simple image adjustment strategies that can extend the dynamic range of single exposures.

Learn new HDR exposure and software techniques that can handle even the most challenging scenes.

Choose from many HDR styles – classic or contemporary.

Simulate HDR effects on low dynamic range images.

Once you understand the possibilities, you will find yourself thinking about light, making exposures and enhancing images in new ways. Master these techniques and you will find new versatility in service of your vision; use them to give us a window into the world that you see and the way that you relate to it.

Topics covered include…
• What’s HDR ? Defining High Dynamic Range imaging
• Exposure Ensure you capture the best data
• Selective Adjustment Adjust single files locally
• Double Process Process the same file twice
• Double Expose Use the best of both
• Exposing for HDR Merges Bracket exposures for extreme contrast
• HDR Merges Create a merged 32 bit file
• Alignment Ensure all the exposures line up
• HDR Rendering Software What it does and how it works
• HDR in Photoshop Simple
• HDR in Photomatix Sophisticated
• HDR Panoramas Stitch and merge or merge and stitch
• Simulating HDR HDR processing for LDR images
And much more!

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