EXDR: Extending The Dynamic Range of Focus

Vincent Versace and Acme Educational would like to announce for Pre Order:

Welcome To Oz 2.0 Lesson 3

ExDR. Extending the Dynamic Range of Focus Through the Use of Image Harvesting

Dynamic range does not only apply to exposure. In this first tutorial of a three part series, based on the third chapter of Vincent Versace’s best selling book Welcome to Oz 2.0, Vincent will show you how to apply a new concept, ExDR to focus, blur, and image structure.

This tutorial starts with the concept of image-harvesting added to the image editing process. Vincent will teach you the most aesthetic choices to make regarding light, shape, gesture, and color when you first take a picture.

Picasso said, “Art is the lie that tells the truth”. With that in mind, you will also apply techniques to create an aesthetically satisfying final image rather than a “historically” accurate one. You will also learn the approach of how the human eye “sees” to guide the viewers eye through the image.

A few of the concepts that will be explored in this over two hour tutorial:

How to actually shoot for ExDR. Specifically all the considerations you need to think about when harvesting for, focus blur and image structure.

  • How to assemble, as well as all the considerations you need to think about when assembling, an ExDR image.
  • How to align when auto align say you can’t
  • How to auto align layers so that the original composition is preserved
  • How to bend an image using warp and transform
  • How to extract the maximum amout of color from your image
  • How to control eye with contrast and sharpness.

This three DVD tutorial cnsists of two DVDs that can be played on both your home DVD player and Computer DVD player and the third DVD is a computer resolution set of Quicktime movies that you can play back on your computer to see the exact resolution that Vincent did. This tutorial also comes the Versace Edition set of 3 plug-ins from Nik Software (Contrast only, Skylight and Tonal Contrast) as well as Vincent Versace’s entire Wacom tablet and Radial Dial presets for the Intuos and Cintiq tablets and the Why to Of My how PDF which explains there use as well as Vincent’s basic work flow from Raw processing, color management, multiple monitor set-up fractal scaling and the secret to making prints snap. All of which will be available for download from the master download page for this tutorial DVD.

Vincent Versace is a recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment, the Shellenberg fine art award, a four time nominee to the Photoshop Hall of Fame and is the best selling author of Welcome to Oz: A cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with Photoshop which was chosen as Shutterbug Magazine’s best how to book of the year. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History.



onOne Software is providing free a copy of the Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium suite with the purchase of this DVD.